Razvoj mladinskih aktivnosti / ESE 2022

Razvoj mladinskih aktivnosti / ESE 2022 2022-02-23T11:03:00+02:00 Razvoj mladinskih aktivnosti / ESE 2022

Projekt Razvoj mladinskih aktivnosti 2022 traja od junija 2022 do aprila 2024. //// Project Development of youth activities lasts from June 2022 until August 2023.

Namenjen je trem mladim evropskim prostovoljcem med 18. in 30. letom starosti, ki jih zanimajo kultura, mladinsko delo in aktivno državljanstvo ter so motivirani za učenje novih digitalnih veščin.


It is meant for three young European volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in culture, youth work and active citizenship and are motivated for learning new digital skills.






European Solidarity CorpsIndividual Volunteering Project


Youth centre | Mladinski center | KOTLOVNICA, Kamnik, Slovenia











          Zavod Mladinski center Kotlovnica Kamnik (MCK)

          Fužine 10
          SI-1241 Kamnik

Phone number
          00386 70 405 484

E-mail address


          MC Kotlovnica Kamnik


Youth centre Kotlovnica (MCK) is a space whose programme orientation has been dictated by young people since 2007. Right now our main topics are culture, digitality, sustainability, entertainment, non-formal education and volunteering.

Among the regular activities are cultural events, organised by youth themselves, and concerts, designed especially for emerging bands. We organise computer and board game evenings, exhibitions, clothing exchange, creative workshops (video, music, podkast …) and workshops for the training of technicians – especially sound and light.

MCK has other spaces for activities – production rooms. They include a photo studio, and also an art room with an oven for making clay sculptures, a multimedia room for audio and video production, and a practice room for young musicians. The main room with a stage can accommodate up to 135 people.

We offer our facilities to autonomous groups of young artists and we are always hosting a few volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps.

Our organisation is the producer of Festival of free video production (FSVP), Festival of new music (Novi val), and festival of fire and lights (Ognjena Veronika). We co-produce summer festival of open culture (Kamfest) – Kamfest photos).

We are involved with local organisations and institutions – primary and high schools, Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, Municipality Kamnik, cultural NGOs, Business and Student club, Youth council, House of Culture, street theatre organisation Priden Možic … We help youth set up their own organisations and give advice to the existing ones on how to manage them better.

Barutana is our newest attempt on transforming old industrial building into a production centre. We have connected with various local organisation and this year we will continue with development of the surroundings of the building.

Top left: Kotlovnica's staircase

Top right: Video workshop

Bottom left: An event in Creative district Barutana during summer festival Kamfest

Bottom right: Exhibition opening evening in Kotlovnica


The main activities of this project will be:

  • Developing videostreamings;
  • Developing and publishing creative and/or informative online content;
  • Developing contributions aimed towards the development of a more multicultural and socially-inclusive atmosphere in our local community on various levels/platforms and in contact with various organizations/institutions;
  • Assisting in the youth center's developments and creating video-coverage of its main activities;
  • Creating new activities in the youth centre
  • Being part of one of the largest local summer festivals in Slovenia – festival Kamfest.


You will help with the implementation of old and with the design and implementation of new content for our youth centre.

You will help with evening events, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, workshops ... mainly preparing the venue, helping at the bar, working as a light technician, helping backstage, performing or just participating in a workshop or playing video/board games. These are all activities that usually take place in the youth centre, however, in the past two years the focus of our activities was also more digital-based and oriented towards developing content for/with youth online.

You will prepare your own events with the help of mentors – organising workshops or social events where young people are able to be active participants, whether in-person or online.


Nationality – three participant from European Union.

Age – Between 18 and 30 years of age.

Skills – You don't need any specific knowledge, but we need you to be interested in cultural and digital activities and be motivated for learning new skills. Being active on social networks (FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) is definitely a plus!

Previous ERASMUS+ or ESC activities – We are looking for someone who has never participated in a long term European Voluntary Service or European Solidarity Corps activity. It's ok if you participated in a short term activity that lasted up to 59 days.

ESC – You need to be registered in the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) before we can select you. You will need The European Commission's main authentication service (ECAS) profile in order to register in ESC. To learn more about the whole process click here: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en.


Insurance – Each participant must be health insured in their country of residence and have a valid European Health Insurance Card. With this, you gain the right to additional insurance by Cigna Health Benefits – you will be insured for the duration of the project and for two additional months.

Individual support – You will receive 122 EUR of individual support per month. This will be transferred to your bank account.

Food money – You will receive 178 EUR of food money each month. This will be transferred to your bank account.

Traveling to Slovenia and back – You will be reimbursed for your travel expences up to 360 EUR. It depends on the distance from your residence to our organisation.

Accommodation – There is a recently renovated apartment in the same building as our youth centre. It can host 3 volunteers and consists of kitchen-dining-living area, one shower, one toilet with sink, and three single rooms with bed, table, and wardrobe. We plan on hosting 2 additional ESC volunteers from August, so you will be sharing this appartment with 2 other international volunteers.

Training – You will attend on-arrival and mid-term trainings that are organised by Slovenian National agency Movit.

Certificates – You will receive ESC and Youthpass certificates at the end of the activity. You will have a chance to further develop your Youthpass certificate during the activity.

Working hours – You will be expected to work (be active/engaged) as our volunteer for six hours per day, five times per week. This means you will have two »days off« each week. You also get an additional two »days off« each month.

Youth centre's opening hours during programme season are from Tuesday until Friday between 17:00 and 20:00.

Temporary residence permit – You will be issued a Slovene temporary residence permit which you need if you want to stay here for more than three months. In order to receive this card, you need to bring with you an identification card or passport, your national health insurance card, the European insurance card, bank account information and have a permanent address in Portugal. If you by any chance possess a photo for documents that is younger than 6 months, bring it with you.

Local transportation – When your transportation inside Slovenia is done as part of a project, its costs are covered by the project.

Kamnik lies about 20 kilometers north from Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana. There are good bus and train connections between these two places.

Municipality of Kamnik built a network of electric bicycles recently, so you will also be able to use them to travel around Kamnik, if you so choose.



Send an E-mail to info@kotlovnica.si with the subject »ESC 2022 application«.

E-mail should include your CV and motivational letter.

We don't have an exact application deadline but we would like you to arrive to Kamnik in July 2022 and join us as a volunteer for a period of 11 months.

You can also write to us – info@kotlovnica.si – if you have any further questions regarding the content of your ESC experience. We are eager to hear from you and to schedule a ZOOM session to get a chance to get in contact with you!

Left: Youth centre Kotlovnica and ESC apartment are both situated in the building of Kamnik's  House of Culture (Dom kulture Kamnik).

Right: Recently renovated aparment that can host up to three volunteers.


Kamnik, a town embraced by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia. It was once a flourishing trading town, where the counts of Andechs from Bavaria had their seat. At that time, Kamnik was the capital of Carniola.

The first written sources about Kamnik go back to 1229. The two castles of Kamnik, Mali grad and Stari grad, were mentioned even earlier.

Mali grad Hill – Today, only two-storey Romanesque chapel with a crypt has been preserved, which is also one of the main symbols of the city. The hill provides a magnificent view of the town and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Stari grad Hill – The spot is popular among hikers and families.

Description from: https://www.visitkamnik.com/en/top-attractions/kamnik.

Learn more about Kamnik by visiting: https://www.slovenia.info/en/places-to-go/regions/ljubljana-central-slovenia/kamnik.


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